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Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre

Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre

Samuels Service Centre
 supports the non-profit charity organization the Umgeni Community Empowerment Centre (UCEC) located at 16 Mona road, Durban.
Their good works stretch within the whole of Durban with the intention of empowering people to become self-sustained individuals.

This public benefits organization empowers individuals through care and counselling by hosting various talks and activities that empower people to become contributory citizens to our society.
Empowerment for those individuals that have lost hope in their lives or can’t find a way to rebuild themselves. The services that they offer is not subject to race, gender, religion or age; and empowerment of people stretches from domestic violence victims to victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse, to the unemployed, sick and suicidal.
There is a word that perfectly characterize the good works of the UCEC which is Mudita. Mudita means finding ‘joy in the good fortune of others.’ UCEC works overtime so that people in our Durban community are educated and empowered to obtain a second chance in society.
Their passion comes from knowing that destitute individuals are being helped and empowered to live better lives.

Samuels Service Centre finds joy in what the UCEC is doing for others and we have chosen to help and assist them in order to see that the good fortune onto others that they give spreads across Durban to make our city more joyous.

Please if you are willing to assist the UCEC in anyway with money, food or your time contact 031 824 7951 or 031 538 3214.
To learn more about events and programs that the UCEC do visit their website at