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Samuels Group

Samuels Oil

Samuels Oil is your single source for Fuel distribution, Lubricants and Gas in South Africa. We’ve been in the Fuel / Lubricants business for more than 15 years, amassing expertise we leverage to help clients achieve improved business results.

Our sales and executive teams operate out of KwaZulu Natal, If you are interested in stocking some of our products? Click here.

The pricing indicated below is regulated and fluctuates monthly in accordance with advertised regulated price changes.
The prices may also vary from time to time in accordance to market conditions.
PS: Note the time period for each of the price lists below.

Fuel / Gas Distribution:

We provide on-site bulk delivery of fuels and gas. Our retail sites are branded Puma Energy, but are operated by Samuels Oil.
Our fuel forecourts & retail depots include:

Downs Service Station   Petrol, Diesel, Gas & Retail store
Lenge Motors   Petrol, Diesel, Gas & Retail store
Highlands Service Station   Petrol, Diesel, Gas & Retail store
DD Fuels   Petrol, Diesel, Gas & Retail store
Safari Motors   Diesel, Gas & Paraffin
Belfast COC   Diesel & Lubes
Ermelo COC   Diesel
Zulu Fuels (Empangeni)   Diesel & Lubes
LS Fuels   Diesel & Gas
NV Fuels (Vryheid)   Diesel, Gas & Lubrication
Nelspruit COC   Diesel & Lubrication
Durban Lubes   Lubrication
Empangeni Gas   Gas Sales
PMB Gas   Gas Sales
Qwa Qwa   Gas Sales & Paraffin

Oils & Lubricants:

Veedol is brought to South Africa by Samuels Oil. Over the last couple of years Samuels Oil has established an extensive network of agents throughout South Africa and Veedol is now available at these outlets. Customer care and service from Samuels Oil, coupled with the top-notch quality of Veedol lubricants, will assist the brand to earn its space in the motor oil market.

We supply a wide range of oils and finished lubricants including engine oils, synthetics, grease and more. For more information on our premium products Click here