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#Siza Challange

Let’s Give our Old Clothes New Life –#GiveLife, #clearoutyourcupboards, #SizaChallenge, #ChallengeAccepted. Let’s clean out our cupboards and give our old clothes New Life. Samuels Siza Foundation has started a social media challenge where we asked people to clear out their own and children’s cupboards to offer those clothes a new home and a new life.

Many people in our country will be struggling after the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. To help them in the little way that we can Samuels Siza Foundation has asked for help with the #SizaChallenge to clear out your cupboards to give your clothes New Life. Once the lockdown has ended, we will come and collect your New Life Packets.
Let’s all practice Mudita in our everyday lives and through this initiative.

We ask that you Packet your old clothes and on a label detail what age and gender the clothes could be for. To also put your name and the area you are from on the label, so that we can tag you in a post to show who the clothes have gone to.

Take a picture of your Packets and Tag Samuels Siza Foundation and #SizaChallenge so that we can contact you to find out where we can collect your New Life Packet.
Let’s spread the love for New Life by tagging and challenging people you think will clear out their cupboards to offer others good fortune.

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