About Eye-Fuel

We have developed an offer to customers for stringent management of their on-road fuelling fleets, which we have trademarked as a fuel management system called Eye-Fuel.

The transport sector in South Africa is facing a huge fraud problem with fuel pilferage that is resulting in ever-increasing costs to the transport business and often drives businesses to closure.

One of our aims for the business is to make the administration as simple and easy as possible.
All report features are paperless and available to either a single fleet or major fleet customers.
We have built the system around electronics and devices whose operating systems are not clumsy or overly complex to use.

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Veedol Oil

Professional vehicle motor oil for over a century. 

Veedol Oil has a rich history within the automotive industry offering premium quality products that guarantee your vehicle will go the motoring distance with you. Veedol Oil products are available at all Samuels Oil and Samuels Service Centre sites. Not to mention, we supply a wide range of oils, finished lubricants including engine oil, synthetics, grease and more.


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