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Veedol Oil

Veedol Oil lubricant Page

Whatever the engine, Veedol has a lubricant to keep it running smoothly

Veedol Oil is a premium quality lubricant with a rich history of Firsts in the motor industry. Before Veedol was chosen for the first mass-produced Model-T car, the wagons pulled by horse used for transport were lubricated with vegetable oil. Veedol Oil’s incredible innovation in science pushed the mechanical automotive industry forwards. Veedol soon progressed to being the Lubricant of choice for many of the first transport engines over the years. Mr Veedol’s chemical compound was soon after bought over by major lubricant distributors such as Castrol, Engen and the like. Because of this, there was a restraint of trade on Veedol Oil products in the world, except in Germany. Veedol Oil has a proven track record of producing top-quality lubricants for a wide variety of motors. There is a wide variety of both synthetic and non-synthetic lubricants for every type of engine, both diesel and petrol, from light passenger to super heavy duty. Veedol also produces grease and hydraulic oils for use in agriculture, as well as specialized products for chain saws. For a full product guide of what Veedol can offer you, please Click Here. Samuels Oil is the exclusive distributor of Veedol Oil in Southern Africa, with a license to blend a wide range of lubricants. Veedol Oil is the Professional’s Lubricant of Choice because:
  • Protects your components against wear
  • Aids cold start protection
  • Increases engine components life
  • Absorbs engine wear particles
  • Cleans your engine components
Veedol Oil is available nationwide from all Samuels Oil and Samuels Service Centre sites. To find out more about Veedol Oil’s amazing products contact: Paul – 083 679 9517

History of Veedol

Veedol is a century-old name synonymous with Quality and Value among Automotive Lubricants. History remembers the Ford Model T, the first mass-produced car in the world, and introduction of the Model T changed the face of Transportation and thus personal mobility. 

Tide Water Oil Company 1881, the parent of Veedol was set-up in Pennsylvania, the United States the birth-place of Liquid-Gold – Petroleum that leads the world, to an entirely new mode of Transportation. From the 1900s the brand, Veedol was chosen by world-renowned automotive brands starting with Ford, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo, BMW and a host of Japanese and other European majors. 

Exciting achievements in its career include being chosen as the brand of Lubricant, by the world-renowned aviators such as Charles Lindbergh who took the Graf Zeppelin on the longest, most challenging transatlantic flight. M/s. Pang Horn and Hemdon made the first non-stop flight from Japan to the USA; they named their monoplane “Miss Veedol”. After all, Veedol was the Lubricant that helped complete this flight. 

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