Samuels Group

Samuels Group is the holding company for a group of companies that have been acquired over the years that work together like a well-oiled engine.

The Group’s history is that it initially started as a wholesale and retail distribution company for fuel, lubricants, and gas with operation in KwaZulu-Natal. This distribution company was formed in 2000 and was known as BP Drakensberg.

In later years, after BP Drakensberg had changed its name to be Drakensberg Oil, there sparked interest in its operation from Puma Energy. And the wholesale distribution Drakensberg Oil was sold to Puma Energy.

About Samuels Oil
Samuels Oil  has been in existence for 20 years. We aim to fully understand our customers’ needs and help clients achieve improved business results by distributing fuel, lubricants, and gas throughout South Africa.

Samuels Oil is the sole distributor of Veedol Oil’s lubricants in South Africa.

Veedol Oil has a rich history within the automotive industry offering premium quality products that guarantee your vehicle will go the motoring distance with you. Veedol Oil products are available at all Samuels Oil and Samuels Service Centre sites. Not to mention, we supply a wide range of oils, finished lubricants including engine oil, synthetics, grease and more.

The Samuels Group later acquired wholesale distribution companies: Atlantic Oil and Aloe Oil which operate in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape.
We merged these companies into one wholesale company, Atlantic Oil. The focus of Atlantic Oil is the marketing and distribution of our product range to the retail, agriculture, transport, and domestic market.

Samuels believes that the only way to progress in business is to fully understand your customer’s needs.

About Atlantic Oil

Samuels Group later acquired wholesale distribution companies: Atlantic Oil and Aloe Oil, which operate in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. Samuels Group merged Aloe Oil into one wholesale company, Atlantic Oil. Atlantic Oil is focused on the marketing and distribution of our product range to the retail, agriculture, transport, and domestic markets.

About Eye-Fuel
We have developed an offer to customers for stringent management of their on-road fueling fleets, which we have trademarked as a fuel management system called Eye-Fuel.

The transport sector in South Africa is facing a huge fraud problem with fuel pilferage that is resulting in ever-increasing costs to the transport business and often drives businesses to closure.

One of our aims for the business is to make the administration as simple and easy as possible.
All report features are paperless and available to either a single fleet or major fleet customers.
We have built the system around electronics and devices whose operating systems are not clumsy or overly complex to use.

About Samuels Service Centre 
Samuels Service Centre is a company that was birthed after Samuels Oil attained the rights to Veedol Oil in South Africa. Samuels Service Centre is a fully accredited RMI automotive service and repairs workshop. 

We offer quality and professional vehicle services you can trust, coupled with excellent customer service to provide you with an exceptional vehicle service experience.
We have a network of 10 Service Centres across South Africa and aim to grow our network to 300 through an amazing franchising opportunity.

About Samuels Admin
Samuels Admin is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Samuels Group. The primary objective of our dedicated team of administrators is to provide comprehensive accounting, administration and IT support services to the Samuels Group of companies. To support our accounting functions, we have developed a fully functional, custom-built ERP system, known as SIT.

About Ngome Farm Lodge
The Ngome Farm Lodge is a bed and breakfast accommodation in Ngome. KwaZulu-Natal. It is a project that is based on a passionate connection that Samuels has to the Catholic faith. 

It is situated 400m from the Ngome Shrine where sister Reinolda experienced encounters with our Lady Mother Mary. Ngome Farm Lodge is accommodation for all those seeking spiritual upliftment in a relaxed and comfortable environment.


As Samuels Group we hope to be recognized for our operational excellence, well-funded work ethics, superior customer service and intentional awareness of health, safety, security, and the environment.

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